• TrailWatch

    The WYNG Foundation’s very own TrailWatch is a mobile application and online community that enables individuals, groups and institutions to track their hikes, share their hiking experiences with other users and help surveil the conditions of Hong Kong’s country parks. Users can also access TrailWatch’s library of Creative Commons images for noncommercial use to facilitate education and encourage discussion.

  • The Clean Air Network

    Air pollution is Hong Kong’s biggest public health crisis: it kills an average of three people a day. Yet, most citizens are not aware of the extent of the impact air pollution has on their health. The CAN strives to change this by dedicating itself and all its resources to educating citizens across different levels of society on the importance of keeping air pollution to a minimum. The WYNG Foundation supports a handful of the CAN’s programmes.

  • ADM Capital Foundation

    ADM Capital Foundation funds innovative approaches to promoting equity and environmental conservation in Asia. It helps organisations in Asia achieve outstanding social and environmental impact through providing funding support and/or customised organisational support. The WYNG Foundation collaborates with the ADM Capital Foundation on issues related to water resources management in Hong Kong.

  • Civic Exchange

    Civic Exchange is an independent Hong Kong-based public policy think tank that was established in September 2000. With a vision to build a sustainable and livable Hong Kong, Civic Exchange undertakes research on the development of environment, economic, social and political issues to advance civic education and engage the society in shaping public policy. Apart from funding some of its projects, including the Small House Policy Report, the WYNG Foundation also partially funded its administrative support system.