WYNG Philomathia Machine Learning/AI Competition 2018-19

Exhibition: Berrybot - Applying Artificial Intelligence to Everyday Life


(12 April 2019) Announcing the winning teams and finalist teams of WYNG Philomathia Machine Learning/AI Competition 2018-19

Winning teams (in alphabetical order):


Challenge Accepted

-FUNG, Natalie (4S, St. Paul's Convent School)

-LAI, Jojo (4S, St. Paul's Convent School)

-TO, Anson (4S, St. Paul's Convent School)



-HUI, Lap Pong (5B, Ho Yu College)

-WONG, Shing To (5B, Ho Yu College)

-YIP, Sin Kuen (5B, Ho Yu College)



-WONG, Carol Kin-ning (5D, St. Stephen's College)

-WONG, Chung Hin (5H, St. Stephen's College)

-CHUNG, Tsun Ho Anson (5D, St. Stephen's College)


Strawberries Lovers

-IP, Heli (4A, Marymount Secondary School)

-CHEUNG, Katy (4A, Marymount Secondary School)

-CHEUNG, Veronica (4D, Marymount Secondary School)


Finalist teams (in alphabetical order):



-SHEK, Tsz Him (5D, Carmel Secondary School)

-SO, Germain (5D, Carmel Secondary School)

-CHAN, Siu Chung (5B, Carmel Secondary School)


-TSANG, Shin Yung Chyanna, (5C, Good Hope School)

-LAM, Yan Tung Tina (5C, Good Hope School)

-LO, Hau Yau Amelie (5C, Good Hope School)

Team ARS

-YEUNG, Cindy (5S, St. Paul's Convent School)

-LEUNG, Madeline (5S, St. Paul's Convent School)



Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge

Philomathia Foundation

WYNG Foundation



The WYNG Philomathia Machine Learning/AI Competition is an initiative by the aforementioned organisers, which believes in empowering individuals through education and engagement. One of the objectives of the competition is to encourage machine learning and AI initiatives in local upper secondary students, with an emphasis on creativity, practicality and DIY spirit in the Internet era, promoting learning and problem-solving inspired by “big data”. Another objective is to provide an opportunity for outstanding students to experience overseas learning to further their studies by experiencing the world-class campus environment and the leading edge of many knowledge fronts.



4th and 5th formers of all local secondary schools in Hong Kong.



Creating opportunities in food production through robotics and machine learning



Try to identify quality variations of individual strawberries in terms of size, ripeness, or damage. Contestants need to use their science and engineering knowledge to design a system to automatically discriminate high quality strawberries from others. Contestants can use any affordable sensing methods such as a webcam for computer vision, or any other means. If contestants are successful in this task, try to develop a mechanism using Lego Mindstorms, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, JoinMax Robot or an equivalent to pick out the higher quality strawberries and place them in a package.



a) Eligible students forming teams of two or three, under the direction of a mentor, can participate. The mentor can be their parent, teacher or instructor from other institutions, and the role of the mentor in the project must be fully disclosed.

b) Members of the team may come from different schools or institutions.

c) Teams are encouraged to explore prospects and promises of “artificial intelligence’ and machine learning, to demonstrate their ability to apply what they learn in subjects including biology, computing, information technology and mathematics in their design and development of a solution which will be considered useful to users or defined sectors.

d) STEM projects or extension of STEM projects may form a good base for contestants to frame a project to compete, but the history of such development must be fully disclosed. Pure data collection without refinement or correction in design or research features will NOT be accepted as a new initiative or a creative project.

e) Teams entering the finalist round will be granted with expenses-based financial allowance of HK$2,000 for the cost of materials and equipment. The cost will be reimbursed for the finalists on submission of audited cost reports and receipts.



a) Participating teams are required to complete an Expression of Interest Form and send over an English-narrated demonstration video clip in no more than 5 minutes via the submission platform.

b) Finalists will be asked to create a prototype to be demonstrated at the interview.

c) The panel of jurors will interview the finalists (students only) in Hong Kong and select the winning team(s).



The successful invention must be affordable, reliable, efficient, and innovative



Winning team(s) with their mentor(s) will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Corpus Christi College of the University of Cambridge – stay at the College with an experience of college life, visit the facilities, attend sample lectures, be supervised by college scholars and also get an opportunity to visit London.



21 December 2018: Expression of Interest Form submission deadline

Late January 2019: Announcement of finalists

Early April 2019: Judging interview & announcement of winners

Late June – early July 2019: Winners’ trip to University of Cambridge and London



a) Submission has to be made through the dedicated platform on or before 21 December 2018, 11:59pm, Hong Kong time.

b) All submitted materials must be in English. Materials in other languages will be not considered.

c) Each eligible student must not be participating in more than one team or submitting more than one entry. Double or multiple entries will result in disqualification.

d) Once the “Expression of Interest Form” is submitted, no new members can be added or replaced. If a team member has to drop out, the original team must satisfy the requirement in VI.a), i.e. two students plus one mentor, in order to be eligible to stay in the competition.

e) Incomplete submission before the submission deadline will be considered unsuccessful.

f) Breaching of any line in “VI. GENERAL GUIDELINES” will result in disqualification.

g) Students and mentor(s) of the winning team(s) should avail themselves of a one-week overseas trip to the United Kingdom during late June/early July 2019. After the end of the trip, students will be asked to submit a compilation of their reflections on their journeys.

h) Students of the winning team(s) will share their experiences at Cambridge and the UK after the trip. Sharing will be archived for future reference and publicity.

i) The organisers reserve the right to accept individual submissions and to select winners.



For enquiries, please email wyngphilomathiamachine@gmail.com.


Poster of the competition is available here.

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