The Academy of Hong Kong Studies,|The Education University of Hong Kong

The Academy of Hong Kong Studies (AHKS) is the first academy dedicated to nurturing Hong Kong studies within local tertiary institutions. It aims to drive the creation of interdisciplinary knowledge and transfer initiatives relevant to Hong Kong-centric subjects in inter-global city studies to raise the standards of governance, public policymaking and living standards in Hong Kong. The WYNG Foundation is working with the AHKS ​on the Social Media Barometer Project, which aims to develop a methodology that can capture and/or generate a territory-wide base of scientifically reliable and comparable data on social media to keep track of public sentiments and opinions. WYNG has also helped make possible the Education University of Hong Kong’s scholarly exchanges with McGill University’s Faculty of Education on education-related issues such as inclusive education and bilingual teaching.  

The Centre for Water Technology and Policy,|The University of Hong Kong
Dr Frederick Lee
Leo Goodstadt