• The WYNG Media Award (WMA)

    WYNG Foundation believes that art can be a powerful means to raise the awareness of social concerns. It established the WYNG Media Award (WMA) series to recognise excellence in photography, written works and film. Each year, the WMA selects a socially relevant theme. Past themes include Poverty, Air, Waste, Identity, Mobility, Transition and Opportunity. The 2019-2020 theme is Light. The WMA programme comprises the WMA Masters, the WMA Commission, the WMA Open, the WMA Film and the WMA Student.  

  • The WMA Masters

    The WMA Masters seeks to spark dialogue and nurture awareness on social issues in Hong Kong through photography. It is a part of the WMA Programme series. Every June, the WMA Masters invites both local and international image makers to submit photography-based entries on an annual theme—which have included “Poverty,” “Waste”, “Air”, “Identity”, “Mobility”,  "Transition" and "Opportunity" — to engage creators in discussions over issues relevant to the theme. The theme for 2019/20 is “Light”. Between June and September, candidates can each submit a series of photos. Participants are encouraged to interpret annual themes freely, but should submit entries related to Hong Kong. An international panel of judges will then pick a winner, who will be awarded HK$250,000, and finalists, who will each receive HK$15,000. The work of the finalists will be exhibited in Hong Kong.

  • The WMA Commission

    The WMA Commission invites image makers and artists to apply for funding for a project that is shaped by the WMA Programme series’ current annual theme, and based on Hong Kong. To support their applications, interested parties may submit their portfolios, which do not necessarily have to include works about Hong Kong. The successful applicant will be commissioned with HK$250,000 and an event will be organised to showcase the final product.

  • The WMA Open

    WMA Open started an open archive of Hong Kong images in 2012. The archive is made up of images submitted by members of the public under WMA annual themes.  The main objectives of WMA Open are to enrich the archive in the purpose of documenting contemporary Hong Kong by images and also, to share the images under the Creative Commons (CC) license arrangement with the intention of inspiring and enriching research, education and discussions on Hong Kong.  

  • The WMA Film

    The WMA Film is the latest addition to the WMA Programme series. It tells stories from Hong Kong through the eyes of people who know and care about the city. Launching its first project entitled "1 July 2017—A Day in Transition" in the summer of 2017, the project aims to portray Hong Kong on 1 July 2017—a day born of transition and change. It invited video submissions from the public on this historical occasion. Three filmmaker teams have been engaged to put together three separate short films using the crowd-sourced video clips. Details:  

  • The WMA Student

    The WYNG Philomathia Student Essay Contest is an extension of the WMA Programme series and a collaborative effort between the WYNG Foundation, the Philomathia Foundation, the University of Cambridge’s Trinity Hall and the HK Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters. The contest involves local secondary school students by encouraging them to submit short essays based on the themed works of WMA award winners and finalists. These works serve as a springboard for young writers to develop a greater awareness towards social issues tied to the year’s given theme. Writers of the winning entries will be invited to a weeklong, all-expenses-paid trip to the UK, which includes a tour of the University of Cambridge, as well as a visit to London.