• Civic Exchange

    Civic Exchange is an independent Hong Kong-based public policy think tank that aims to build a sustainable and livable Hong Kong, WYNG Foundation supported some of its projects, including the "Small House Policy Report" and "Water Resources Management", and partially funded the publication, "Global Cities: Urban Environments in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and China". WYNG Foundation is currently supporting its "Decarbonising Mobility in Hong Kong" engagement initiatives.


  • Clean Air Network

    Air pollution is Hong Kong’s biggest public health crisis: it kills an average of three people a day. Yet, most citizens are not aware of the extent of the impact air pollution has on their health. CAN strives to change this by dedicating itself and all its resources to educating citizens across different levels of society on the importance of keeping air pollution to a minimum. WYNG Foundation is supporting CAN's capacity and its engagement initiatives on decarbonising mobility in Hong Kong.

  • Parks and Trails

    Incorporating TrailWatchParks and Trails aims to elevate the appreciation, enjoyment and care for Hong Kong's natural environment by promoting its value and empowering people to care and protect it. TrailWatch is a mobile application and online community that enables individuals, groups and institutions to track their hikes, share their hiking experiences with other users and help monitor the conditions of Hong Kong’s country parks and trails. WYNG Foundation is currently supporting Parks and Trails' programmes.

  • PILnet Hong Kong Limited

    PILnet Hong Kong Limited is a registered charity in Hong Kong that focuses on promoting the practice of law for public interest through some key initiatives: a "matchmaking" platform connecting pro bono lawyers with NGOs and social enterprises; workshops on areas of law most relevant to the work of NGOs in Hong Kong; and supporting public interest initiatives by law schools through hosting student volunteers and talks. The WYNG Foundation supported PILnet Hong Kong’s “Law for Change” Student Competition for four cycles (2017-2021) and is currently supporting their Law for Change student engagement programmes.

  • (Completed) ADM Capital Foundation

    ADM Capital Foundation funds innovative approaches to promoting equity and environmental conservation in Asia. It helps organisations in Asia achieve outstanding social and environmental impact through providing funding support and/or customised organisational support. The WYNG Foundation supported the ADM Capital Foundation on a research and engagement project related to decarbonising Hong Kong ("Hong Kong 2050 is Now"). The WYNG Foundation also collaborated with the ADM Capital Foundation on issues related to water resources management in Hong Kong. "The Illusion of Plenty", a report on the subject, was published in May 2017.  

  • (Completed) Asia Art Archive

    Asia Art Archive is an independent non-profit organisation that aims to document and make accessible the multiple recent histories of art in the region. WYNG Foundation supported the operational costs of the Ha Bik Chuen Project of Asia Art Archive and part of the general operating costs of Asia Art Archive.

  • (Completed) Basel Action Network (BAN),
    United States

    BAN is on a mission to champion global environmental health and justice by ending toxic trade: one of its flagship projects is the “E-Trash Transparency Project”, which aims to gather real data on where electronic waste ends up. GPS-based tracking devices are fitted onto e-waste, which include old computers, printers and monitors. Past projects by BAN show that more than 50% of their tracked e-waste ended up in Hong Kong. In 2017, the WYNG Foundation enabled BAN to fit another 100 GPS-based tracking devices onto e-waste found in the US and Canada.

  • (Completed) Equal Justice Limited

    Equal Justice Limited is a non-profit, apolitical and secular organisation which has a vision to fill Hong Kong’s justice gap and help people live better lives. Equal Justice Limited will help legally under-served people anticipate, prevent and solve their legal problems, and improve access to justice for all through Education & Prevention, Service & Support, and Research & Influence. WYNG Foundation supported its work (2020-21).

  • (Completed) Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter

    Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter aims to create an open, neutral, reliable and accessible Internet through fostering participation and contribution to open development of standards, protocols, governance and infrastructure of the Internet. The WYNG Foundation supported their Hong Kong Open Data Index project.  

  • (Completed) Liber Research Community

    By cultivating and harnessing talent in policy research, the Liber Research Community has been building an independent community of researchers who are passionate about matters related to localism. Its topics of interest include food safety, agriculture, China-Hong Kong relations, land rights, land use and urban planning. WYNG Foundation supported its research on brownfield sites (2017-19) and its archival research project on country parks and protected areas (2019-2021) in Hong Kong, and a bilingual publication on brownfield sites in Hong Kong.

  • (Completed) Walk DVRC

    Walk DVRC Ltd. is an NGO that partners with the government, local retailers and the community in pedestrianisation and placemaking initiatives. The organisation engages the public to promote walkability and liveability with the goal of creating a healthier and more inclusive city, and advocates for a fairer sharing of public space between pedestrians and cars with an initial focus on Hong Kong’s Central Business District. WYNG Foundation supported their research on implementing place-making and pedestrianisation in Hong Kong - DVRC as a model.

  • (Completed) WYNG Philomathia Machine Learning/AI Competition

    WYNG Philomathia Machine Learning/AI Competition was co-organised by Corpus Christi College of the University of Cambridge, Philomathia Foundation, and WYNG Foundation. The competition aimed to encourage machine learning and AI initiatives among the local upper secondary school students, with an emphasis on creativity, practicality and DIY spirit in the Internet era, promoting learning and problem-solving skills inspired by big data. Participants were asked to tackle a real life issue by using their STEM knowledge and know-how. Winning students were invited to a weeklong, all-expenses paid trip to the UK, which included a taste as a student in the University of Cambridge, as well as a visit to London. For details, please click here.