WMA Exhibition: ‘Irregular Plurals: Habitat’
WMA Exhibition: ‘Irregular Plurals: Habitat’


WMA Exhibition: ‘Irregular Plurals: Habitat’

Exhibition Period: Aug 24 – Sep 21, 2023Aug 24 – Sep 21, 2023
Exhibition Time: 12:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Monday)
Exhibition Place: WMA Space

Exhibition series ‘Irregular Plurals’ embarks on an audacious expedition, venturing into the exploration of cohabitation in this land of ours. The concept of ‘cohabitation’ traces its roots to Hannah Arendt’s proposition, emphasises the necessity to transcend our individual boundaries and to learn to live together within a collective community.

To expand upon this narrative, we must first contemplate: who exactly are we referring to as a ‘collective’? The inaugural exhibition of this series, ‘Habitat’, seeks to emancipate viewers from the conventional anthropocentric perspective. It invites them to explore the subjectivity not only of humans but also of the cohabiting animals, plants, microorganisms, and even the inherent essence of sunlight and air. Lo Lai Lai Natalie, through years of field research, perceives the delicate balance and wisdom of mutual cooperation and predation among living organisms. Her works playfully highlight the unidirectional communication and intervention that humans often impose upon nature. Inspired by her experience as a photographer in a theme park, Yuen Nga Chi explores the lives of gregarious animals that are confined, exhibited and constantly observed. Through extensive observation and examination, Yuen analogously relates the  experiences of the animals to that of the varied domesticated lifestyles of humans in urban settings.

The series of images, video works, and found objects in the exhibition intricately intertwines the diverse perspectives of various organisms. They pulsate with an array of life forms, each finding its place within the gallery, alternating between soliloquies and dialogues. Their monologues and dialogues mirror the intricate balance between self-assertion and collaborative communication within a community. As a plural and diverse collective, how do ‘we’, through perceiving and comprehending the intricacies and rhythms of each other’s lives, defy the customary exclusion of the ‘other’?

Event link: https://wma.hk/article/curatorial-statement-irregular-plurals-habitat/
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