We are hiring: WYNG Foundation CEO
We are hiring: WYNG Foundation CEO

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We are hiring: WYNG Foundation CEO

About us

WYNG Foundation aims to enhance the physical, mental, social and cultural well-being of Hong Kong people.

Since its establishment over 11 years ago, the Foundation has designed, developed, supported and delivered many strategic initiatives to increase awareness of, and contribute to the cohesion, equity, resilience and diversity of the Hong Kong community. Those initiatives span across Academia, Media and Urban areas.

WYNG Foundation is privately funded, supports research to inform its focus and hosts a unique hub of diverse but like-minded socially-focused and environmentally-focused NGOs under the WYNG Space.


About the role

The role of WYNG CEO is based in Central, Hong Kong and is immediately open.

As CEO, in line with the Vision, Mission and Values, you lead and manage the Foundation, thinking creatively and strategically in partnership with the Board of Trustees to whom you report.

For WYNG to deliver on its mission, the role will define and lead the execution of the objectives, goals, strategies and priorities. With the Board and the team’s support, the CEO ensures effective governance. This spans from strategic and budget planning, forecasting to implementation, operations, monitoring, security (as in, managing risks internally and externally) and assessment of all WYNG initiatives (grants and programs). This also means providing the Board with timely and accurate reporting as well as strategic recommendations, considering risk and sustainability dimensions.

Internally, the CEO leads the in-house team of around 15 people. The CEO structures the team organization, defines individual roles and deliverables and hire the appropriate talents. The CEO ensures that performance evaluation processes are in place for the team to develop and continue to learn and grow. It is the CEO’s mission to live and breathe the WYNG Foundation Values and Culture by role-modeling them.

Externally, the CEO identifies challenges, opportunities, and develops and nurtures beneficial partnerships with community partners and like-minded stakeholders. It is also in the CEO’s remit to strategize and implement the plan to nurture and develop the very unique WYNG Space, from supporting the Community well-being to bridging with external stakeholders to championing partnerships and co-creation opportunities within the WYNG Peers.

Ultimately, the CEO aspires to grow as a person and a professional as s/he grows the WYNG Foundation as an organization to have a positive impact on Hong Kong. This role offers the opportunity to be a key contributor to the Hong Kong philanthropy stage with a high degree of autonomy and support from a forward-thinking team.


About you as a person

You are a role model of impact-minded and evidence-based leader, an empathetic, inspiring and humble team builder with a growth mindset, and who looks for and treasures feedback, whether receiving it, whether giving it.

You focus on doing the right thing even when no one is watching: that’s because you’re leading by example with a high degree of integrity.

You present really well (a confident public speaker), know how to communicate and influence up, down and across, even without hierarchy so that managing multiple stakeholders and dealing with ambiguity is no issue for you. That’s because you can build the necessary bridges and partnerships, internally and externally.

You master the art of collaboration, a real team player, an empathetic and inclusive one, even!

You are energetic, adaptable, resourceful and resilient like bamboo: able to quickly bounce forward, embracing change and uncertainty, always wrapped up in a thick skin.

You are the queen or king of priority setting who can successfully juggle on multiple fronts while getting things done (always with a smile on) in a timely and quality manner, handling mistakes (as we all know that they inevitably happen!) with grace: in a word, you are accountable.


About you as a professional

You are fluent in English, with very strong verbal and written skills, with Cantonese being a strong plus.

You have earned a recognized University degree.

You bring a proven track record of people management experience: you were already in a leadership position, managing a team in your last role and have at least 5 years of tenure in a senior management capacity.

You have demonstrated good business management discipline and financial literacy with strong analytical skills.

Ideally, you even have experience working your way up in the commercial world and also successfully navigating the non-profit world for which you have demonstrated a strong affinity, that would surely be a highly relevant plus!


That’s all you?
and you can’t wait to get started? Then, delay no more and e-mail us at recruitment@wyng.hk with your resume + cover letter so that, if we do look like a perfect match on the paper, we could meet up and discuss further!

Application deadline: 29 February 2024


– Posted on 18 September 2023 –